Rules for Combat Jiu-Jitsu

Jiu Jitsu with palm strikes to the face and body allowed while on the ground.

1 ten minute round. Up to 3 EBI OT rounds if necessary. Palm striking is NOT allowed in OT.

No palm striking when both competitors are standing, only grappling. Once at least one competitor is “downed”, palm strikes to the body, the face and side of the head are legal. Both knees on the ground or buttocks on the ground is considered “downed”.

Standing grappling can only go on for 1 minute maximum. After 1 minute of standing, a horn will sound and the ref will stop the action and enforce the “Get Down” rule and will flip a coin, the winner of the coin toss decides on being on top in opponent’s butterfly/sit up guard with double underhooks, or being on bottom. If one opponent is CLEARLY the aggressor standing then he automatically wins the coin flip.

The “Purgatory” position is when one competitor is downed and the other is standing over him, NOT caught in a leg entanglement, NOT caught in full guard, and is stalling, and not attempting to pass. This is position usually happens when one competitor sits to guard or pulls guard. The competitor on top is allowed 30 seconds in Purgatory TOTAL in the match. All time spent in Purgatory AFTER the allotted 30 seconds will be added to the OT time of the competitor on top. This rule is designed to discourage stalling in Purgatory and to encourage passing the guard. Once one knee is on the ground by the competitor on top, and he proceeds to passing the guard, the Purgatory clock stops. The Purgatory clock will resume as soon as the competitor on top stands back up while the competitor on the bottom remains on bottom in the Purgatory position.

Standing up with competitor in full/closed guard is NOT purgatory. If the top competitor is caught in leg entanglements or guard entanglements this is also NOT considered purgatory even if he’s standing on both feet. If the top competitor stands up to pull out of any kind of entanglement or submission, once completely freed, he will be allowed 10 seconds to re-engage into passing before the purgatory clock restarts.

To avoid any Purgatory penalty time while in the top position, all you have to do is always look to engage and pass the guard, it’s simple, the fans win with this strategy. If you are super confident with your submissions in OT, you can simply just ignore the Purgatory clock and remain in purgatory and strike and stall from there and either get a TKO in purgatory or submit your opponent in OT faster than he can submit you. The purgatory penalty time won’t be a factor if you TKO your opponent in purgatory in regulation or submit your opponent in OT.

Tko's are determined with the same criteria as in amateur MMA.

If combatants are close to the edge of the mats, the ref can freeze the match and move them to the center.


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